Shotover Insights - 8 Questions with Jennie Taylor, Sweet Cheeks NZ

8 questions with Sweet Cheeks NZ owner Jennie Taylor.
Jennie Taylor started Sweet Cheeks NZ began in 2007 in Wanaka, New Zealand. The aim was to balance her active lifestyle with a business that created natural products that fit her families active life.
1. Firstly, Sweetcheeks is a pretty fun name for brand - can you explain exactly who and what your products are designed for?

Sweet Cheeks Butt Butter, Super Balm and Hot Cheeks are all hand made by me, I use natural products sourced from NZ whenever possible and only the minimal amount of preservative in the products. Sweet Cheeks NZ products are made up of the highest quality NZ Beeswax, herbs and essential oils - simple, effective, and healing.

2. Which products do you think competitors in the Shotover Moonlight might be interested in, or need....
The Butt Butter is fantastic to put on pre-race. I put it on all the spots that may rub: backpack straps, underarms, thighs, feet so that when I'm racing nothing is rubbing and chaffing. Hot Cheeks is great post-race for those sore muscles we will have! Its combination of chili and peppermint are so refreshing for your  muscles and chili is an excellent anti-inflammatory. 
3. You've offered to have some supplies at our aid-station for runners in the Mountain Marathon and 30km Adventure Race. Will this be good for putting on hot-spots on their feet, or dear we say 'cheeks'?
Yes! Will be perfect. Sweet Cheeks is beeswax based and stays on even if you are sweating lots or going long distances. By all means, if you are feeling the rub (on your cheeks or wherever) - stick some on at the aid stations!
4. You've got several very well known athletes who use Sweet Cheeks including cyclists, adventure racers and mountain runners. Are any of them doing the race? 
Ha ha... well Floortje and Cat Pattison, who raced in Godzone last year.  Mel and Sally Law will be doing it as well I believe, they sell Sweet Cheeks through their amazing Wild Things network. 
5. You've entered the Shotover Moonlight Mountain Marathon yourself - what do you know about the course, and what are your goals for the race? 
I know the trail is rough and quite hilly! My goals are to start the race feeling strong and confident about running a marathon. During the race I want to keep a consistent pace, run all the parts I can, not injure myself and mostly have a good time and enjoy the amazing scenery!
6. Wanaka is obviously a fantastic town to be based in for trail running, what are some of your favourite trails that you use to train for the Shotover Moonlight?
Wanaka is great for running, especially hills!  I love Fern Bern Track, Isthmus Peak, Breast Hill and my favorite spot is just down the road from is Grandview. 
7. Do you have a specific goal for race day?
I am running with my friend Cat Patterson and we are just aiming to finish in 6/7 hours and feel good while doing it! I have done marathons before but nothing off road so this race will be my learning curve. 
8. If anyone has questions about your products, or wants to know how to get some how do they get in touch?
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or - I love getting emails and inquiries!
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