Squadrun are the trusted training partner to Shotover Moonlight to provide a scalable and event-specific coaching solution. Squadrun is a ‘coach-led’ running community formed by passionate athletes and coaching professionals, sharing their knowledge and experiences while supporting one another on their training journey. It is an advanced system which delivers detailed training plans at the lowest possible cost - because quality information and support shouldn’t cost the earth!

Your Coaches work with you to establish a unique training plan based on YOUR fitness and deliver a programme with intensities specific to you and the Shotover Moonlight event.
You are given 7 runs per week weighted by ‘Priority’.

You then plan your week and execute your prescribed training in the same way you would were you being coached privately, with the difference being it’s up to you to structure your week with the provided plan in order to fit it around your busy life.

The 7 runs supplied are tailored to your specific fitness so the right intensities are provided to ensure you achieve the correct ‘training state’ for each and every run regardless of your fitness or ability.
You do not need to do all 7 runs. You set the training load (runs per week). Some weeks you might do as few as 3 or 4 runs.

Not only will your coaches be there to help through the training journey but we’ll share your success on the finish line. We’re in this together and we’ll likely be at the race to see you start and see you finish.
There is no set-up fee, no hidden costs, start when you want, and you can leave at any time!

Kerry and Ali are highly qualified, full-time, professional coaches with almost 2 decades combined experience. They are a sought after team with partnerships for all of Australasia’s best races.
Squadrun is the most popular coaching solution having helped almost 2000 athletes train and race since 2015.

YES! This is a carefully constructed training system that determines exactly what you need to do to run well at the Shotover Moonlight. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to complete your first
race, or compete for a top 10 finish, the fundamentals of training, and support you’ll receive remain the same.

Join the SQUADRUN team when you sign up for Shotover and kick-start your training program with an initial trial of 4 weeks of training for just $29
Once you sign up, please let us know (email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and we’ll be in touch. After your 4-week training period, if you like the programme, you can choose to continue training with
SQUADRUN for as little as $15/week (+GST).

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Shotover Moonlight Events


Accommodation Packages

Are you entering the Shotover Moonlight Mountain Marathon, 30km, half marathon or 10km race? 

Would you like to helicopter to the start?

You could stay at either Ben Lomond Lodge or Moonlight Lodge the night before the race.

Leave your car at the finish line at Moke Lake and we'll take you into our lodges for a fantastic meal and great company. 

2020 Race and Supporters Packages to be announced.
Packages include transport to either Ben Lomond or Moonlight Lodge, dinner, bed, breakfast and a stunning helicopter flight to the start of the race.

To register your interest please contact ginny@benlomond.co.nz

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